Color in garden during hot summer months

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Globe Amaranth ( Gomphrena globosa)
It is a very sturdy plant for dry hot summer days. It takes full sun very well.
The blooms last for long time. Planting several plants in a group is quite attractive in any garden area or patio container
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It is another plant that will bring bright color to garden. Available in various colors
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Gaillardia is a very tough plant that blooms all summer even during the hot 100 degree days.
It is a perennial plant and survives our mild winters without much care.
Butterflies and bees love the blooms. The dried flower heads can be removed or left on the plant for a different look in the plant bed.
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Zinnia is annual plant but can reseed itself well and germinate next year. It is available in various colors and sizes. It tolerates heat very well and will bloom throughout summer and fall.
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It is a very hardy plant for our climate. It becomes dormant in winter but becomes green again late spring/summer. It blooms profusely and is available in various colors. Butterflies love the flowers.
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Bird of paradise
It's bright beautiful flowers are a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds. It will go dormant in winter and will have new growth again in summer. Wishing 2-4 years it can become very large unto 6-10 ft in height. It will be more prolific if grown on the south side of the house with full sun all day.
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If you read about rose care it may seem not seem like a beginners plant. Fortunately in El Paso/Las Cruces area (hot, dry climate) roses are very easy to grow, not requiring much maintenance. They continue to bloom from spring to fall. Blooms decline during very hot days but plants are rarely without flowers.