Garden and Plants Resources

Eastside Discount Nursery

This nursery has large selection of cacti, other succulents and native plants. All are reasonably priced.
They also have good prices on the pots and containers

Sierra Vista Growers

This is a big nursery with organic growing practices. They also have locally produced mulch and compost in bulk and bags.
They grow a large variety of vegetable and ornamental plants in their greenhouses.
They also ship from other wholesale nurseries and have many native plants available.
Fruit trees are usually the ones that perform well in our region.

High Desert Native Plants

This is a great resource for not only for buying native plants but also other environmental services including rainwater harvesting.
You can visit their website and their facebook page or call them if you need to buy plants or are looking for any environmentally friendly landscaping services. Here you will get most reliable and comprehensive information about our native plants and sustainable landscaping.

Keystone Heritage Park

This is a beautiful desert botanical garden where learn about the trees and other plants that thrive in our desert climate. It is definitely a good place to get inspiration for home garden.
There is also a Koi pond in this garden. There are picnic tables, bird watching area and also a nearby wetland. Overall this is a good place to spend a few hours or to have a picnic.
Get more information on their website:

Chihuahuan Desert Garden at UTEP

This is very well designed garden where one can get ideas for landscaping and gardening with our native plants. They have a plant list available in the centennial museum which you can pick up when you take a tour of the garden.