How to Sprout Mung Beans

1) Rinse the mung beans well, a few times, in a bowl, to wash away any dust.

2) Soak the clean mung beans for about 12 hours till they are larger in size and husk starts to separate. Some of these may already have tiny sprouts.

3) Throw the water beans were soaked in. Rinse very gently with fresh water, taking care not to damage the beans otherwise they won't sprout.

4) Drain water by transferring the mung in a mesh colander.

5) Put the colander in the bowl and cover with a thick towel or lid. If covering with lid, make sure it is NOT airtight.

6) Keep for 12-48 hours depending on the size of the sprouts you want and also depending on the temperature and humidity of the surroundings.

a) If colander is not place inside the bowl the beans may dry out quickly, decreasing sprouting.

b) If beans are placed directly in the bowl, the beans at the bottom may rot due to sitting in the small amount of water that may collect.

c) A muslin cotton fabric may be use to sprout beans instead of the colander. After rinsing the soaked beans, transfer to a clean cloth and fold the beans inside. Keep it in a bowl, covered for 12-48 hrs.